K coined the phrase
don’t you think it’s just perfect?
i do.



and she congraduated from kindy.
can i tell you that it feels utterly strange
that i have a nearly first grader and a nearly second grader?


it doesn’t help that my birthday is right around the corner
and i don’t feel old enough to be my new age.
i guess that’s a better way to be than feeling much older than your age.
i just can’t believe that i’m old enough to have kids this old!
especially that B met me when i was 18.
am i still not 18?
apparently not.



we finished off the school year with a bang
and are so grateful that summertime is here.
for us, we have a mildly more flexible schedule
and a few less therapies for L
which is always a nice and welcome break.



sometimes it’s hard to think about the end of something
when you’re in the thick of it
and it seems rather unending.
and even when the end draws near,
everything ramps up and surely by then
you’ve forgotten that it will actually eventually end.
and once it does actually end and you finally pass that finish line
(that at points along the way you weren’t even sure
that you would make it,)
there’s this deep sense of peace
and contentment
and gratitude
for the journey.
because finally, now you are there.
at the end of what you had been working so hard doing.
and sometimes, because of L’s situation,
i think stages and seasons and times in life will be there forever
because it’s safer to bank on that
and much too painful to daydream about what life could be like
when this or that happens
because we’re not sure there will be this or that
or that those times of transition will ever come.
and that’s okay if those times don’t come.
we are at peace with God’s plan
and we’re at peace with our lack of understanding His plans.
and last fall,
when i thought i had figured our schedule and transitions all out
and had a daydreaming glimpse of what our life was going to look like
and then we arrived in that place and it was actually the complete opposite,
it was devastating.
(the situation, not L.
for he never devastates.)



when you work day and night and night and day,
and then the situation is exactly the same,
it can become disheartening.
so when you work day and night and night and day
and the situation changes,
it’s the most incredible feeling.
and that’s what i’m feeling right now.
and i know God is here.
just as he is when the situation doesn’t change.
i can feel Him here and i can feel Him there.
and i am grateful for Him.
always grateful for Him in my life.



i feel so emotionally drained
but so emotionally filled too.
and that my friends, is rare.



and stay tuned
for this month’s
ten on ten
post coming up later.



I, John, your brother and companion
in the suffering and kingdom and patient endurance
that are ours in Jesus, was on the island of Patmos
because of the word of God and the testimony of Jesus.
Revelation 1:9


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