ten years.

B and i just celebrated
of marriage.

that’s a long time.

and a lot has happened in those ten years.
much of which we couldn’t ever have imagined
(both good and bad).


and i can’t even imagine
what we will experience
over the next ten years.


we had a very fun and very full weekend
and have successfully spread out
our celebrating over many days
with a couple more to come.

and here we are, holding hands.
(picture courtesy of K).


and check out my dad’s blog post
about using feedly instead of google reader.
i trust his technological expertise and am loving feedly.


a better hope is introduced,
by which we draw near to God.
Hebrews 7:19


2661. am awesome, honest neighbor
2662. the promise of early bedtimes
2663. making L laugh when he’s cranky
2664. free dessert at islands
2665. a full and fun weekend

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