climbing up mountains is hard.
so very hard.


and sometimes you don’t know
how much farther you have to go
in order to get to the top.


and sometimes you think you are close,
really really close,
but then you soon realize
that there is another peak to climb.


and then other times,
you take one more step
and there you are.
all of a sudden, at the top.


all of this is good.
the climbing
and the times
when you don’t have to climb
and you can just stand there,
enjoying where you are.
and where you have been.


they are both good.
because when you climb,
you know
and have hope
that the mountain peaks are ahead.
somewhere ahead.



but yesterday?
yesterday was incredible.
and i had to make a list of all
the new things that L did.
just yesterday.


Grace to all
who love our Lord Jesus Christ
with an undying love.
Ephesians 6:24

2606. the end of the week
2607. warm sun on my back
2608. snuggling with L as he wakes
2609. his awake time getting closer to 5am
2610. reading with D on the couch

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