dan likes this.

for my dad’s birthday
(be sure to check out his blog here),
my sister,
(who by the way has this
adorable Christmas card for sale on minted!)


so my sister came up with the brilliant, brialliant plan
to surprise my dad with a family trip to disneyland!


now, if you know my dad,
you know that he is basically
(and quite possibly)
in the CIA.
thus, it is nearly impossible to surprise him.
(it’s even reported that he may have had
GPS locators put on all of our cars…
would you like to respond to that at all, dad?)




but guess what?
we did it.
we surprised him!
and, we even had matching t-shirts.
(designed by my sister.)




millie even came by
with a telegram from Mickey
that said “you can go on any ride if you wait in line.”
that was so nice of him.





My heart is steadfast, O God;
I will sing and make music with all my soul.
Psalm 108:1


2431. a calendar that is coming together nicely
2432. time
2433. leftovers for lunch
2434. almost not having anything to do
2435. music in my ears




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