figuring things out.

we’re all trying to figure things out around here.

as i was just getting into the swing of summer,
my kids are returning to school on tuesday.


as in a few days away.
and yes, all three of them.
oh my.




and our sweet little L.
oh, how sweet he is.


he’s had three little seizures
in the last month
including one just last night.
i know that God knows why this is happening
and that we’re growing closer to Him during this time.


as i’ve said before,
i must cling to Him or i will crumble.
those are my only choices.


Come near to God
and he will come near to you.
James 4:8


2316. our neurologist who emailed me back after dark while on maternity leave
2317. how well she knows our little L
2318. camp for the bigs
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2320. a compilation of to-do lists

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