this is inspiration.

now this family.
oh my goodness.
this family is an inspiration.


i get tired and
run down and
just bleh about everything that’s going on in life
(or not going on)
and then the feeling gets worse
not because of anything major
but because of
the tiniest million things
that hit me the wrong way
all of a sudden.


feelings of not enough or
too much
of too many things.
feeling vulnerable.


and then…
oh, and then God
opens up my eyes
to the most courageous,
Godly family
i have ever known.


who not only embrace the challenges
they have received
but openly
and joyfully
embrace them
and are the best
and loudest
advocates for their children.


and then my heart gets full.
so full.
and i am thrilled
to be a part of this special needs world
and of this community of believers.
and i become
so inspired
and encouraged
and motivated
by this
that God is using for His glory.


 we met this sweet family
because their son
was in the same class as our L.

and i was recently able to do a photo shoot for them
and i couldn’t wait to share their photos.
and a piece of their story.


this family has three children.
two have been diagnosed with
spinal muscular atrophy
but as of right now,
only one is showing signs of it.



i am
truly encouraged
and truly thrilled
and truly excited
and not at all sad.


more incredibleness from this family,
coming soon.

a faith and knowledge resting on the hope of eternal life,
which God, who does not lie,
promised before the beginning of time
Titus 1:2

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