cut to my heart.


not a lot gets to me these days.
not like it used to.
i mean, the kind of stuff that
really cuts way down in the heart.


even answering how old L was
to a stranger
caused my voice to crack and warble.
and the words “brain abnormality”?
you’ve got to be kidding me.


 but a lot has changed.

in my heart.
because of what Christ is doing to me.
how He is refining me.


but this.
this totally got to me.
but in a completely different way.
actually, in the exact opposite way
than anything regarding L
has ever affected me before.


while pouring over a recent assessment for little L
(never fun)
i came across these words:
“L’s entire family
(parents and his siblings)
have learned sign language
and use signs
to communicate with L
using a total communication approach.”


the joy that sprung from my eyes
in the form of tears
was just so big
and so mighty
and so relentless
and so freely there.
evidently grace filled.
and i just couldn’t hold it in.


and we do.
we all
use any form of communication
with L that we can.
and the bigs so happily and effortlessly do.
and until the moment
that i read it on the assessment,
i hadn’t once stopped
to think about how incredible they are with L.
the bigs.
with L.
their love and acceptance
for their little brother is so very evident.



they are really incredible.
i mean really, really incredible.
and they are willing
to go to the ends of the earth.
and back.
for their little brother.
what a beautiful example they are.
what a beautiful example they are for me.
and oh, how God is working in their hearts.


so… i’m going to take
a little blogging break
(it will be sporadic for the next two weeks)
because right now,
these four really need me.

and i need them, too.


i’ll be back on monday, june 25th (in two weeks).
don’t fret.
i’ll miss you, too.


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All my longings lie open before you, O Lord;
my sighing is not hidden from you.
Psalm 38:9


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