the week ahead.

well, after a very patriotic day
(more on this really soon)




we are gearing up for
a wild, wild week.
wilder than normal.
with the promise of
lots of highs
plenty of lows.
should be interesting.
very interesting.


but i am so grateful
that i have a Savior
who cares so very much about me.
and who guides me.
and leads me.
and pours His perfect peace over me
whenever i humble myself and turn to Him.
that is what i am looking forward to this week.


My soul will boast in the Lord;
let the afflicted hear and rejoice.
Psalm 34:2


2161. chicken tacos enjoyed on the sidewalk
2162. the sun not beating down on us
2163. family surrounding
2164. receiving such an incredibly gorgeous invitation
(thanks to my sister!)
2165. being home again

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