B, L and i were just in the great state of
for B’s book tour.


don’t forget to check out
his book,
it is a hysterical read.
see what the Dallas Morning News wrote about it.



and if you want a signed copy
(say, for father’s day?!)
i can totally hook you up.
(just click on the contact tab at the top to email me.)


one thing we (i) had to do
was to stop somewhere
and take photos
with the wildflowers
that were everywhere in TEXAS.
B nicely complied.
of course L didn’t complain either.




and be sure to check out yesterday’s
picture me {im}perfectly post
and link up!


Each of us should please his neighbor
for his good, to build him up.
Romans 15:2


2131. B home
2132. thinking about the funny things our kids say
2133. D going on adventures
2134. feeling His peace in a very unpeaceful situation
2135. appointments falling into place


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