more of the wedding weekend.

my husband’s book
comes out tomorrow!


if you know my husband,
you know that he’s funny.
very, very funny.
his writing is no different.
is a hysterical novel.


“Bob Smiley gives us two things we really need:
1) a funny book about politics and
2) a Texas governor we can all get behind. Ben Travis forever!”
–Steve Hely, producer and writer for The Office
and author of How I Became a Famous Novelist


i’m not going to tell you to buy the book
(which you definitely should)
but i will let the pictures do the talking.



oh, what’s that that you’re reading, Woody?



oh, it’s a copy of DON’T MESS WITH TRAVIS!



looks like Woody’s pals give it two thumbs up!


as promised, here is more of the wedding weekend.




the girls got our nails done in town.




and then, Aunt CC, Uncle N and baby E arrived!




how proud i am that my son popped right in front
of the photographers to take the perfect shot
at the rehearsal.



Auntie B and Uncle J came to the wedding weekend early
to watch the littles while B and i headed to the rehearsal.
yes, they are incredible friends.
and no, they are not for rent.



the views at the rehearsal were incredible.
and i got a window seat.






still more to come.
(like the actual wedding.)


Do not be carried away by all kinds of strange teachings.
Hebrews 13:9a

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2077. the perfect day
2078. sooo many photos
2079. the sweetest boy in the world
2080. blue tape



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