more, more + more photos.

finally,  here are the rest of the photos
from our little girls’ trip
along with the instagrams i took.



we got to tour the army base
and this was some sort of contraption to climb on
during training.
or something.
all that i really took out of the tour
was that i was not created to be in the army.
not in any way.


and this was a glorious sunset
that we got the privilege of seeing.



and then we headed back into Tennessee.
because we had just previously been in Kentucky
but i missed that welcome sign because i was talking too much.
so you’ll just have to take my word for it.


and these are some of the cows
that live in my sister’s backyard.
we heard them moo
and got to watch the babies run around together.
my sister got to see one being born the week before we arrived.

and this little dude is just so darn cute.
i want to eat him up right now,
just looking at these photos.

and i do have to say that if you are
considering painting any walls in your house,
the nice blue color that my sister has
comes across beautifully in photos.
i’m just saying.

(i know it’s out of focus)
but i simply love how upset he is
with K’s music she was playing.
or maybe it was that she was playing with his toys.
or maybe it was that his momma was gone
and he missed her
and was fussy
and i was taking photos of him being fussy.
who knows.





j’adore even more
(notice my lack of french knowledge?)


i think E was the only one not afraid of the dogs
at this exact moment.


in fact, i think he loves them.
a tremendous amount.


my sis and i.
i think that our voices are pretty similar.
and i think that E thought so too,
because he would often look at me
with a completely baffled look on his face.
it was that
or just that i was this strange woman who
taking photos.


and i especially love this photo because of
the sweater that he’s wearing.
both of my boys wore it.
and E’s father had the audacity to say
that it looked kind of grampa-ish.
but then i realized that the sweater that he was wearing
looked nearly exactly the same.


some good old winter grass.


and the three pairs of


cowberry boots.




please take note that i was not driving
the vehicle at the time
that all of these photos were taken.
just in case you got worried.


now, this was
exciting for us.


it was wildly exciting.

especially since the weather was supposed to
be getting better,
not worse
once we left Nashville.

we didn’t mind that it was getting whiter
and whiter
and whiter
one single bit.

the flakes were mesmerizing
and we often found ourselves
stopping whatever it was
we were talking about
to notice them.

we then made it to Alabama
for a very fun bridal shower for Aunt WW.


there were questionaires
to be filled out.


and hugs from my girl.

and a lot of fun all around.

the bride-to-be
with two of her
future sisters-in-laws.


and that officially wraps up the trip.


For Christ’s love compels us,
because we are convinced that one died for all,
and therefore all died.
And he died for all,
that those who live
should no longer live for themselves
but for him who died for them
and was raised again.
2 Corinthians 5:14-15


1911. the perfect amount of time to finish my CBS study
1912. K’s new ballet class
1913. a fabulous ballet teacher
1914. working very quickly
1915. warm chocolate chip cookies
brought to me while in bed




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