lovely visitors.

we were blessed to have some lovely visitors last week.
lovely visitors that watch your kids.
and bring an amazing dinner.
and organize all the stuff in your garage.
even all of your wrapping stuff
(which i only just realized today).
and do all of your laundry.
and your ironing.



that’s right, Grammy



and, Cousin M came to visit!



don’t you think they could be sisters?
the girls obviously had a grand time dressing up

and being fairy godmothers.



and who doesn’t love a little game of croquet

on the front lawn
in cowboy boots?


Cousin M was such a good sport.
i think that she worked more than she played.

so next time, we’ll do some girly things like
paint nails and eat lots and lots of cookies.


the kiddos loved curling up
in Grammy’s bed in the morning.



Look to the LORD and his strength;
seek his face always.
1 Chronicles 16:11


1811. happy giggles coming from outside
1812. the murmur of golf being watched on tv
1813. a cherry coke
1814. a date with my oldest boy
1815. one sleeping child

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