this guy.

first of all,
a big thank you
to my dad

(who also has a blog: dan likes this)
for fixing up this new little blog for me
and adding so many things
that i didn’t even know existed in blogland.

after a day of unintentional rest for me

(i.e. sick)

i have come to the conclusion that

i’m trying to do too much.

each and every day.

and failing

and flailing

in the process.


but this guy,

he’s amazing.
as i listened from the

quarantined corner of my bedroom,

i was amazed.


seriously amazed

at how he handles everything so flawlessly.


from cancelling therapies

to picking up D from school

to calling in reinforcements when needed

and meanwhile, taking such great care of me.

i don’t know how he does it

but i do know that i have a thing or two to learn from him.

(and this is not my fever talking.)


 Grace and peace to you
from God our Father and
the Lord Jesus Christ.
1 Corinthians 1:3


1732. sleep

1731. rest

1733. peaceful sounds from the family room

1734. good, dear friends

1735. people who get it

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