here is the story about 

this past summer, we were driving by a school in our neighborhood
and B saw that they had hundreds and hundreds 
of desks in their parking lot. 
so, i called to inquire about the futures of said desks.

i was told that the school wasn’t quite sure 
what they were going to do with them 
but if i was interested, i should call and leave a message 
with the amount i was interested in.

a month later, i received a call from a woman at the school 
who said that because we lived in the neighborhood, 
they wouldn’t charge us for the desks.

so, we picked up two 
and then two more 
and then two more 
and then three more
since i knew that a couple of my 
girlfriends would love them, too.

the school was totally fine with us getting so many, 
as long as we picked them up by 8am the next day.

and sure enough, 
B drove by the next morning 
and saw the hundreds of unclaimed desks
in a gigantic dumpster.

i wish i could have rescued tons more of these sweet desks.

especially after seeing what B could do with them.

K found one that had a 
heart drawn in sharpee on the bottom of hers.
so she claimed that one pretty early on.

if it had been up to me, 
they would have both been painted aqua
but we let the kids pick their colors.

no surprise there, right?

and B was a bit colorful for a few days after they were completed.

Through Jesus, therefore, 
let us continually offer to God
a sacrifice of praise—
the fruit of lips that openly profess his name.
Hebrews 13:15

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