a sneak peek.

if you’re anything like me,
you’re probably already thinking about 
the holiday card that you are going to send out. 
well, look no further. 

my uber creative sister,
also known as Aunt WW
(pictured above in her yellow sparrows dress) 
has her own graphic design company called
five sparrows design studio. 
click here to check out her new shop
and to see all of her designs.
(she is also available for fully custom designs!)

i had the privilege and honor to
take some photos of a 
cousin of mine, 
her husband
and her pregnant belly
at the beach
over the weekend.

(thanks to B who held down the fort…
a lot this past weekend.)

and the weather did not disappoint.
no it did not. 

here is how the end of the day looked.
absolutely glorious.

here’s a little sneak peek at the shoot…

doesn’t she have one of the cutest baby bumps you’ve ever seen?
and she only has a little over a month left.
i know.
totally jealous.

i can’t wait for J to experience 
the absolute joys of motherhood.

i think she and her husband, P are fully prepared 
(well, as much as a new parent can be).

and i know that the little guy is going to 
transform their world.

can’t wait to grab some more photos of this family 
after he arrives!

1546. enough time
1547. a list on a monday
1548. clothes being cleaned while i run all over the place
1549. friends who can bring D home from school
1550. snacks in the car
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