we could be sisters.

this week is kicking my butt.
in a major way.

we’re figuring things out though.
like how to be even more efficient.
and cutting more stuff out.
it’s still wild and crazy for nearly every second of the day.

here’s a photo from a fabulous outdoor concert we went to last month.
more photos to come soon.
(i know that i have been saying that
a lot lately but i know you all understand.)

this is the lovely S 
(with a Y).
only two of you will understand that.
she was one of the incredible nurses 
that took care of me 
when B and i lived in the hospital 
for six weeks. 
i think we’re going to be life-long friends
and don’t you totally think we could be sisters?

1456. 800 photos of someone special
(coming soon)
1457. an entire dinner made by B
1458. going shopping with my little girl
1459. being surrounded by joy
1460. giving myself a break

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