the ranch.

thank you to all of you that linked up
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now settle in.
because this is going to be a nice, long journey.

some friends we have had for years and years
(since our D and their O were babies)
invited us out to the ranch this past weekend.

we left our house early,
but not that early.
that gorgeous sunrise photo was taken by our very talented friend
(see his watermark)
and you can check out this link
to learn more about the ranch.

it was simply breathtaking.

and this is not a sign we usually see around our parts.

sweet little C.
she was so teensy that i think K thought she was a babydoll.
a talking, nearly walking babydoll.

and sweet old dog, maddie was a love to be around.

we got ready to head down to the beach
and B picked out a surfboard
which was tied to the top of the car.

this was the first ranch gate that he has ever unlocked.
now he’s a pro though.

that is in fact a photo of us driving on the beach.
i know.
it was incredible.
you can drive on the beaches there 
as long as you have a very special pass.

incredible and scary.

especially with those driver helpers.

and this guy was standing on the outside 
of the car to get those shots.

apparently, there are no rules at the ranch.

it was



simply lovely.

and so is he.
who doesn’t love some sweet potatoes beachside?
when i think of a great beach snack
i definitely think of sweet potatoes.
don’t you?

heart shaped rocks

and beautiful shells, aplenty.

and you’ve got to wear a cowboy hat on the ranch.
even if you are at the beach.

this little guy, S, didn’t seem to mind
the sand that was all over his face.
i think he was just happy it wasn’t sunscreen.
he’s not a fan of the application of sunscreen.

the waves broke pretty far out
which made for some delightful water play.

my very own marlboro man
with the kids.

apparently the beach was crowded.

i did see about seven other people.
the entire day.

the kids enjoyed the water the entire day.
it was like a dream.
it really was.

my long-time friend, K and i
got to go on a very long walk.
we were gone for over an hour.
and a napping L was on my back.

and little L had a grand time watching all the big kids.

B, K and a sweetly sleeping little C.

the two cowboys and the little lady.

K found a new wrestling partner in S
since D would rather have
nothing to do with that sort of thing.

fun was had until her wrestling partner ran away.

and this is how you juggle a camera with a huge lens and a baby.
just in case you wanted to know.

my cowboy surfer getting ready to head out to the waves.

O and his daddy.

the big boys.
they are only a couple weeks apart.
and they mesh so nicely every time 
we get to see this sweet family.
it must have been all of those walks 
that we used to take them on as infants.

our little surfer girl.

and a soon-to-be little surfer girl.

and if you look really closely into O’s eye,
you can see a reflection of my little L.

sweet little C checking out the waves.

K and i.
we probably have a bunch of photos
of our bigs when they were L’s size.

sand on the tire.
a rare sight for us.

our last stop on the beach was to this 
perfect little spot
to get some family shots.

did i mention how lovely this all was?
because it was.

and this is one of my new favorite shots.
of us.

we soon had to pack up the kids in the car

and say farewell to the ranch.

until we meet again.

And God said, 
“Let the water under the sky 
be gathered to one place, 
and let dry ground appear.” 
And it was so.
Genesis 1:9

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