to the fair.

going to the fair.

the little man was thrilled.

we made it five minutes into the fair 
before getting lemonade and ice cream.

and if you read last week’s post
you know what occurred next.
but it was okay because we were at the fair!

my handsome cowboy.

we thought this sheep looked a lot like our K.

and you know your child is a city mouse
when they ask if this animal is a dog.

two of my loves

miss K was the only one who 
wanted to go and look at the horses.

K was excited as she too had a braid in her hair that day. 
and, purple is her second favorite color.
so there.

we watched in amazement as people 
enjoyed some wild rides
(i am a total scaredy cat. 
and i mean total).

Grammy joined us for the fun day.

and we chose to watch the ferris wheel 
instead of ride on it this year. 

but the bigs got to go on 
two rides of their choosing.
i think they were wowed.

this particular fair
(the only one my husband will go to)
is right next to the ocean.
so the weather really is supreme in august.

getting tri-tip sandwiches.

and of course the spiral “frys”

Grammy and her little dolly, K.

the hubs and me.

even the ride home was lovely.

Your word is a lamp for my feet, 

   a light on my path.

Psalm 119:105

1361. the wind blowing through the open windows
1362. little ones who make their own pizzas
1363. the sunlight in the late afternoon
1364. the perfect shades of cranberry & turquoise
1365. spinach smoothies that even B liked

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