last weekend.part one

last weekend,
we had a family reunion.

it was a weekend-long event
that had not occurred in thirty years. 
we kicked it off with
supper on the sand.
how cute is that?
my great aunt and my Grammy 
planned the entire thing.

Papa, L and That Guy.

we had some happy campers on our hands.

a burger truck catered the meal

and the bigs made sure to get
as much sand on them as humanly possible.

it was lovely.

and a sweet little someone loved
swinging as the sun was getting 
lower and 
lower and 

and she still loved swinging 
when the sun was no longer. 

part two coming tomorrow…

1381. swinging on the sand
1382. not having to cook dinner
1383. being out past dark with the bigs
1384. a jam-packed weekend
1385. hot tubbing
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