warm and busy.

it’s been warm.
we’ve been busy.
we needed a morning out
where our only objective was to have fun.
and so that is what we did.

this sprayer was D’s favorite.
when it was on,
he’d run and play in it and
when it would turn off,
he’d come and sit by us on the towel.
he’s like me.
figure out what you like and 
don’t mess around with anything else.
i’m like that especially at restaurants.

L and i watched the bigs
from a dry towel.

it was marvelous.

Love must be sincere. 
Hate what is evil; 
cling to what is good.
Romans 12:9

1251. mornings out
1252. not running errands
1253. a willing B who took the big car to get an oil change
1254. ice cream cake in the afternoon (or anytime, really)
1255. new wind chimes

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