to the beach.

we have been to the beach twice
in the last three days.

how awesome is that?
so awesome.
it is definitely feeling like summer around here.

and little L stuck his feet in the water 
for the first time, post-surgery.

and he loved it
nearly as much as he loves me.

and nearly as much as he loves the camera.

i think it’s one of his favorite new things.
(lovely artistic shot by my sweet friend, L.)

and, the beach trip included a cold dr. p
(no lime though).
more photos from this past week coming soon.

1346. a friend who can’t stop serving
1347. being able to leave the bigs at home, a lot
1348. encouraging words from a doctor 
(i know, not the norm, right?)
1349. watching L work hard
1350. when L smiles before we make eye contact

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