not one but three.

well, what we thought was just 

turns out to have been 

three breakthrough seizures. 

L’s recent neuro appointment revealed this new news. 
but, the seizures seem to be under control
yet again, through L’s blessed medication.
(we do know that they were always under God’s control.)

so for that, we are thankful.
and we 
totally and completely 
recognize that as a gift from the Lord.
a wonderfully, 
from the Lord.

over the weekend, 
B and i decided to take the kids to the beach.

nine minutes after the decision was made,
we were all loaded up in the car.

i think that breaks 
any and all records
that we’ve ever held before.

but now that B knows we can hustle like that,
we should 
never, ever
leave late for church.

L really enjoyed moving sand from
over here to over there.
and back again.

he told me how he felt about it
the entire time
(a super new thing for L). 
and he has a delicious little voice.

as you can see, his foot is nearly healed.
he didn’t even have to wear
those dreaded socks 
to be in the sand!
what a lucky duck.

i had a great time not getting in the water
but searching for sweet little sea shells 
while L talked to me. 

and these three ocean-lovers
were doused in the salty water
the entire time. 

for your Father 
knows what you need 
before you ask him.
Matthew 6:8

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