as promised.

we spent a jammed packed couple of days celebrating.
so settle in, because i have a lot of photos to show you.

the only time i saw these streamers being used 
was when they were thrown at B 
as we were trying to scare his hiccups out of him.
for the record, it didn’t work.

Great Gram shared a sip of her root beer float with D.

a little golf was played.

one of my new favorites.

don’t be fooled.
he sat on her lap for about 17 seconds.

a sweet rose outside of Great Gram’s place.

because what else says 
happy 4th of july 
like a tiny dog in a purple tutu?

That Guy teaching K how to drum.

this is his
“why are taking a photo of this?”
i am very familiar with that look.

we were blessed enough to be included in a 
pancake breakfast on the boardwalk 
with neighbors of my Grammy’s.
isn’t the hostess’ hat just lovely?

That Guy all decked out.

the boys.

we decided it was about time for our kids to enjoy boogie boarding.

they got the hang of it in the wave-less bay

while L and i kept cool under our new umbrella 
(thanks, dad!). 
and yes, L does have his socks on.
at the beach.
his foot is still healing 
so this protected it enough from the sand.

aren’t they so cute?
and they were playing nicely together too.
it was weird.

and then they smiled when i asked them to.
at the same time.
very weird.

L kept busy moving all the sand around.
he’s an organizer, just like his mom.

my dad BBQd a lovely dinner

while Great Gram adorned her 
patriotic false eyelashes
all the way from Hollywood Boulevard.
(you can thank my sis for getting her those years ago.)

Aunt WW and her B.

Uncle S and his E.

(as if that all wasn’t enough)
the bigs, B, my dad and i headed to the bay
on my Grammy’s little electric boat
for the fireworks show.

my mom kindly stayed home and watched L sleep.
she also did all of the BBQ dishes 
because we all ran out of the house 
once the meal was over. 

we had a front row view
and it was spectacular.
probably one of the most memorable 4th of july’s
B and i have ever had.

and then about ten seconds after singing
happy birthday to America, 
the bigs fell fast asleep.
it was lovely.

1276. the perfect boat captain
1277. others’ sacrifices for our freedom
1278. K’s tears after breaking something of D’s
1279. the laundry being under control
(at least for five more minutes)
1280. the perfect 4th
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