pick your own.

not too long ago,
we ventured way, way out of town
to go blueberry picking.

and this year,
we brought our own wagon.
which was absolutely splendid.

picking fruit is one of my all-time favorite things to do.
(you can read about our trip to this farm last year)
i absolutely love it.
i really, truly do.

and i am so thankful that Auntie B 
is always more than willing to go with me
because B would rather not.

don’t you just love this look he’s got going on?
80’s glasses and snakeskin cowboy boots.

K picked a ton.
unfortunately, none made it into the container.
and i mean not a one.

Auntie B and i talked about how incredible it would be
for just the two of us to go berry picking someday.
i can’t even fathom how many berries we could get.

but, if we did that, 
we would mean miss out on the fun 
outhouse usage while at the farm. 
if you know me, 
you know that i will do just about anything 
to avoid using an outhouse 
(let alone a public bathroom).
but my children?
not so much.
i can’t even remember how many times
K needed to “just try.”

it did get quite toasty out there.

so to cool off, we had a little picnic lunch

and celebrated D’s half birthday.

(forced smiles are sometimes cute.)
we hope to head back for more 
blueberry picking before the season is over!

and a happy, happy birthday 
to my one and only B!

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