camping out.

the kids camped out with B.
they camped outside.
in our backyard.
it was the perfect way to do it.
L and i got to stay inside in our own lovely beds.

there was a lot of build-up for their first s’more experience.
they loved it.
B is not a fan.
isn’t that crazy?
Auntie B is probably shaking her head right now.
if it had more of a peanut butter presence, he said he’d like it.
perhaps, nutella?
worth a try.

they looked sleepy but don’t be confused.
the excitement of sleeping outside didn’t wear off 
until it was 9:30pm.
two hours after they normally go to bed.

1171. D’s prayers
1172. my children being exposed 
to other special needs kids
1173. this
1174. a cleaned up house 
thanks to my three littles
1175. a night of fun on the to-do list
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