it was a circus.

on our way to a new park a few weekends ago, 
our neighbor stopped us
to make sure that we knew 
that all of the firehouses in our area 
were having open houses.
what a good neighbor we have.

the bigs got to climb in the trucks, 

and fireman willingly slid down the pole
(at our request).

everyone seemed enthralled. 
everyone except for L.
poor little guy was crying before we made it into the station.
at the mere sight of the truck’s lights on,
he freaked out.

so onward we ventured 
to our 
favorite park.

as you can see, it’s nestled amongst some big buildings.
it reminded me of being in new york.
but we were the only ones there.

smiles for the camera.
that boy is mine.

we had so much fun



and performing our many circus acts
all over the grass.

i usually can’t pull off such a crazy outfit 
but i was taking K’s wardrobe lead for the day. 
it undoubtedly worked for her.

it felt a bit as though we were performing in a circus.
although there was no audience.
okay, it felt a bit as though we were practicing to perform in a circus.

okay, he was our audience.
and he loved it.

1136. new parks
1137. the joy that comes from 
deliberately sticking to my to do list.
1138. the moments when the kids entertain themselves
1139. what D thinks of making when he does art
1140. not going through the mail for days
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