easter celebrated.

well, now that i have a little more time this week,
(click here to see why)
i thought i’d do a quick blog about our easter.
we kept it really mellow and low-key this year.
we need some mellow and low-key every once in a while.
i even served cinnamon rolls from tj’s.
and you know what?
everybody devoured them.

the cousins joined us for the festivities,
which always makes it fun.

eggs were compared

and counted
and a fun day of celebrating ensued.

this is a dear friend of mine
who is one of the most Godly women i know.
i am so blessed to have her in my life.

1051. going swimming
1052. sleep (this can never get old)
1053. laundry being done
(and not just sort-of done)
1054. dinner prepped early in the day
1055. the same verse popping up all over
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