nakie baby.

a sweet friend of mine from CBS
was getting her credentials in massage for kiddos.
and she was kind enough to bless us with her five week class. 

(i absolutely adore this shot)

you could say that now i am an expert.
well, L thinks so, at least.

he has been sleeping so much better with a bath 
followed by a massage.
i just think he is trying to be
as high maintenance and time consuming as possible. 
congratulations, L. 
you are succeeding.

so, we (i.e. i) are now starting our 
night-time routine promptly at 4:15pm.
yes, that is in 4:15 in the afternoon.
it’s wild.
but it works.
and we all know us moms will do anything that works. 

as you can see, 
my delicious baby just adores to be in his diap (or nakie)
and have some mommy and L time.

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