watching grown men beat each other up.

B and i hardly have any photos together.
just the two of us. 
and the first one of these shots 
was at a horrible angle
and showed us sporting double chins.
so that leaves us with one less photo of the two of us. 

we got to go out on a very fun date.
it was daytime.
it was something that we have 
only experienced once before together.
it was free.
and since i was sporting neck-to-ankle hives, 
it was the perfect place to go
because i could stay bundled up.
(apparently i am allergic to penicillin.)

it was hockey.

it was definitely entertaining but i
could not get over 
the anger and violence between the players.
it was terrifying watching grown men beat each other up
while the crowd cheered them on 
and the refs just watched.

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