picture me {im}perfectly.

i have something i must share.

i have a very hard time playing with my children.

give us an activity to do?
you’ve got it.
something to accomplish?
a puzzle?
you bet.
an art project?
sounds like fun!
a game?
no problemo.

but to just sit and play?
i’d rather not, thank you very much.

sometimes i feel like i’m being held hostage, like this guy.

i can sit and kind of play with them
while really cleaning up a little here and there
or working on my never ending to-do list
or whatever.
i can do all of that really well.

but being here
and doing nothing
is such a struggle for me.
i sit and watch B play,
just play with the kids
and i don’t know how he does it.
but i do know that i would like to play,
just play with the kids.

picture me {im}perfectly
is a weekly project to reveal that we don’t have it all together.

i will post a 
picture me {im}perfectly
blog post every wednesday 
where you will be able to link up to your blog
revealing that:

you are not picture perfect,
your kids are not picture perfect,
your house is not picture perfect,
your crafts are not always picture perfect,

inspire and 
other women 
that none of us have it all together.  

add my button to your blog post
until next wednesday
and link up to your direct posting
and feel encouraged. 

741. valentine colors of red and pink all over our house
742. going out to dinner
743. opting not to run errands and instead playing in the front yard
744. using the 9 hour delay on my washing machine last night
745. watching the kids get muddy and not really caring 
(that much)

12 thoughts on “picture me {im}perfectly.”

  1. I'm with you! Cannot for the life of me sit and play – free play. So hard for me!

    And I've participated this week in the challenge – and my {im}perfect attitude about things being just right…

    Thanks for the great idea!

  2. lady of the house

    *coming out of lurking*

    I just wanted to say that I struggle with free-play as well 😉 I much prefer structured play.

  3. OH boy…. so so true. I can be the exact same way. And do you know, even at 3 years old Audrey would tell me, as she was engrossed in her play with all the little people figures, that although she wants me to do it with her, "Mommy you're just not doing it right." I've often pondered why does this happen. How did I forget how to play hours on end with little figures making up pretend worlds. Something to really think about.

  4. yes, I too have a very hard time just sitting a "playing." Honestly – it's boring (and I hate that word, but it's true).

  5. Hey there! This is my first time on your blog, but I joined in! I found you from Bushel and a Peck. I love this idea…it makes me feel normal. Thanks.

  6. i getcha. totally understand. that is a struggle that i am working on as well…good to know that i'm not alone in this. 🙂

  7. Anne Eurose Abris

    I can totally relate. There's always something else in the back of my mind that I can't just "be". I hope to join back next week :).

  8. Lisa, An American Mom

    I am not a player either. It is a breath of fresh air to read this! I force myself sometimes to stop the productivity and just sit and play with him. I feel like I am kind of lame at playing. Sheesh. Well the good news is that in general, kids seem to know how to do it all on their own!

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