wonderful + sad.

we went to a party over the weekend that was both 
deliciously wonderful and 
terribly sad.

we had to say goodbye to some 
sweet, sweet friends

and their darling daughter.
(hubby was unfortunately too sick to make it to the party.)

that’s the super lame thing about where we live.
people are always moving away. 

the house where the party was held was so completely lovely.
i told B that i would be more than willing to move right in.
if we ever get a place of our own, 
i might have CM come and do it up right. 
because her house felt like such a welcoming home. 

Auntie B gave my arms a rest while she held L.

and mr. J,
(who is the adorably curious son of one of my dear friends, KP)
was fun to watch as he got into everything.
even the pretend fireplace.

we hung out on the guest bedroom bed and chatted the afternoon away,
until our husbands reminded us that the party was supposed to be over at 5pm. 
and that it was well past 5pm.
but like i said, the house was so welcoming, 
it was hard to pull ourselves away.

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