top heavy.

i hope that you all stuffed yourselves silly with turkey yesterday!
we sure did.
my mother-in-law is an incredible cook and 
we thoroughly enjoyed eating every single thing that she made from scratch.

don’t worry, i helped.
i provided the homemade rolls
(first time ever making them) 
and three children.
see? i brought essential elements to the feast.

and here’s my update on the number of gifts that i have wrapped: 0
so yeah, i’m making great progress.
not really, but hopefully i will (start and) complete all of the wrapping
by the end of next week, which is when we have our first Christmas celebration.
i know. 
it’s way early to celebrate Christmas 
we usually have around eight celebrations because we have a lot of family.
and no, you’re not confused, we don’t celebrate hanukkah. 
it’s more like a month-long Christmas.

and here is K, all bundled up to play outside a few evenings ago. 
she was nice and cozy but unfortunately 
was a bit too top-heavy and fell over fifteen seconds 
after she headed out the door and immediately came back inside. 
i can’t imagine how all of you moms feel when this happens for 
those who actually get snowy weather.

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