the end.

tonight was the beginning.
the beginning of something wonderful.
i have been
s l o w l y
weaning L from nursing.
he has never been a good sleeper,
but his sleep has somehow gotten worse over the last couple of weeks.
i had no idea that was possible.
no idea.
i think that maybe because i haven’t
been nursing him during the day,
he’s been holding out for the real stuff at night.
so i knew i needed to curtail the nursing all together soon.
but i wasn’t sure when to do it.
and then last night, when he bit down
(remember #333 from yesterday?)
and pulled,
i knew i was done.
i knew we were done.
so, there were no tearful goodbyes
(by me).
no enjoying the moment one last time
(by me).
we were just done.
i explained the plan to him while he was in his high chair tonight.
i think
would be the most appropriate word i should use to describe his reaction.
but then as he started to guzzle his warm milk,
he too started to warm up to the idea.
(he did drink more milk in that one sitting
than he normally does on a daily basis.)
so maybe he does understand.
and then i realized that he’s been playing me.
but that’s okay because he is just so darn cute,
isn’t he?
we’ll see how it goes tonight.
i’ll be sure to let you know.
i know you’ll be thinking about me all night long.
as you sleep soundly in your warm, comfortable bed.
so since B put him to bed,
do you want to know what i did with all of that extra time?
i cleaned the high chair.
i mean really cleaned it.
336. not wearing the hair rubber band around the wrist
of the side i needed to have him nurse on next
337. my body back (well, not how it used to be… but you get the idea)
338. L’s little curls
339. a really clean high chair
340. D + K asking me if the acorn squash i served at dinner
was dessert since i put brown sugar + cinnamon on it.
it doesn’t mean they liked it, but they did consider it a possible dessert.
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