climbing rocks.

in celebration of…
my sister’s birthday,
(Aunt WW),
we all did something that she enjoys.
we went rock climbing.
crazy, right?
the waiver i had to sign freaked me out.
we don’t do too many things around here that require us
to knowingly accept that we may be hospitalized if something goes awry.
it’s just not how we roll.
D was a bit nervous, but told me that he has been
practicing on the rock climbing wall at preschool.
the only thing he requested was to wear the helmet with the orange stripes (of course).
K was just about as thrilled as could be.
she was probably the most excited out of the bunch.
this little girl is not scared of much.
everyone got all strapped in,
and were fairly observant of all of the rules.
(i think B was the only person to break one.)
and the only thing K requested was to wear the helmet with the pink stripes (of course).
Aunt WW, showed us how it is done,
and K couldn’t wait to get up there.
here she is climbing up the alligator’s back.
i had to keep reminding myself that she is not yet three.
and here she is climbing on the alligator’s head.
as she posed for pictures, she was absolutely fearless.
(i wouldn’t expect anything else from her.)
D was nervous,
(i wouldn’t expect anything else from him)
but he climbed!
my dad did great climbing up,
but had a hard time coming down
because he just couldn’t believe that my brother
would really be able to slowly lower him down the wall.
i think he was very happy to be back on the ground once more.

my mom was so glad that she made it down safely,
thanks to my brother’s excellent belaying
(i totally had to look up how on earth to spell that).
it was much more thrilling than i could have ever imagined.
i am afraid of heights and i honestly couldn’t believe that i could actually get up to the top
that i couldn’t wait to go up a second time.

after B mastered the “easy” wall,
he decided to take his newfound rock climbing ability to new lengths.
here he is only using the yellow thingies that we used to climb
(i obviously have no idea what those are called… fake rocks?).

and my brother shimmied up the wall like it was nobody’s business.
Aunt WW showing D how’s it’s done.
L was such a good sport while he watched all of us climb.
and L had his fun while coloring at the restaurant afterwards.
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