and it was hot.

besides being really hot today,
we were really hot.
i think it was 106 today.
and that’s not how many faces and behinds i wiped
(although some days it does feel like that many).
so yeah, it was warm.
i should have had homemade popsicles at the ready,
but i didn’t.
i did offer ice cold water though.
lame, i know.
here is our thermostat
inside the house
this afternoon.
yeah, we don’t have a.c.
(as if it wasn’t obvious to you).
D has been making up a lot of signs lately.
this means “be quiet.”
the children were without shirts for the latter part of the day
and K was without a shirt, shorts and panties
for the latter, latter part of the day
while she was outside.
but she did keep her sandals on,
so i did have a minor victory.
it’s been exciting!
okay, well it hasn’t been
but it has been real.
346. fresh lemons
347. fresh grapefruit
348. the sweet baby who fell asleep in the ergo today at target
349. arriving at preschool way early for pickup (a first for me)
350. eating outside in the cooler (than the house) air
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