let’s go fly a kite.

we made kites
(thanks to a fab link Auntie B found).
actually, the children colored on a few sheets of paper
and i cut, glued and sewed the kites together.
it was definitely more of a “i’m almost done, just hang on a second” project.
but in the end,

they were teensy,

and had cute little bows on the ends,

and they fluttered.

the children held onto the string (a.k.a. thread)
with their very own clothes pin.

and they danced all over while wearing their rain boots, of course,
while singing one of their absolute favorite songs in the whole wide world.

as you can see, K dresses herself these days.
seriously, this girl can wear anything,
kind of like my sister, Aunt WW.
actually, exactly like my sister.
the other day, K came home wearing a sleeve from coffee bean as a bracelet.
and you know what?
she totally pulled it off.

D, on the other hand, still wants me to pick out his clothes.
and i couldn’t be happier about that.

he definitely got the hang of the kite,
but i think he was envisioning something
that might have nearly reached the airplanes that fly over our house.

don’t worry, the marks on her arms
are just remnants of some painting fun.

i think my baby girl grew up a little today.

it makes sense because
she is nearly three years old, you know.

there was just enough of a slight breeze to carry our tiny creations
and to plant a smile on each kid’s face.
it was simply lovely.

my other sister, Aunt CC wrote a wonderful blog post the other day
that i have thought about over and over again.
and it think she’s right… multitasking is not what it’s all about.
i am trying to do just one thing at a time.
it’s so tough though.

delight yourself in the LORD
and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

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