when the brightness fades.

whenever i am having a hard day, taking photos seems to somehow make it a little better.

i’m happy to report that i have only stepped on three of these army men.
and yes, all three hurt.
really, really badly.

K’s tea party.
as you can see, everyone was invited.

did it rain?
nope, just the remnants of extreme humidifier use.


the L montage.

he’s always so happy when he’s being held.
by me.

did i tell you the kids were taking a quick flight?
of course that means they had to pack two big bags of things they would need.
i don’t think they ever flew back home but somehow
they are snug in their beds right now.

Valentine’s burial.
B and i shared a few of our favorite memories.
D was quiet and K was busy flattening out the disrupted earth.
B and i did have to make certain they knew not to ever dig him up.

left brain-right brain.

something happens when you are extremely sleep deprived.
the first few days aren’t so rough.
they almost feel a bit clarifying.
like using new laundry detergent.
the whites are whiter.
the colors more vivid.
you become very vulnerable to God’s Word.
everything touches you and moves you in new ways.
you pay attention to all that is around you with every ounce of your being
and it all is completely and utterly beautiful.
you’re more attuned to the sounds of birds chirping.
you even cry while listening to this song.
you run on pure adrenaline.

but then it starts to catch up with you.
and you become a big mess.
that’s what happened today.
i did get to take a nap and also received some sweet hugs from D.

hopefully, all will be restored tomorrow.

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