goodbye cast.

what a great week.
it was busy but oh-so-wonderful.
i’m probably remembering that it was so wonderful because after a long day,
all of the children are currently fast asleep.
that always seems to help those good memories emerge.

he wants to chomp on everything.

the boys with their papa.

cuddling up.

when his regular bibs weren’t clean this morning,
i just told him that real men wear pink.

dear cast,
we have had a lot of memories with you.
not all good, but not all bad.
we are so glad to see you go,
and hope to never see you again.

the removal of the three-week-old cast was quite traumatic for our sweet K.
but who wouldn’t get frightened when a loud vacuum-like cleaner with a saw attached was only going to make your arm “tickle.” i’d say no thank you to that as well.
she did scream: “don’t take the cast off!” during the sawing.
we got through it.
so did the saw.

first stop: the bathroom to scrub that stinky, stinky arm.

next stop: a girls only date at sprinkles cupcakes.
ooh la la.

there’s nothing quite like watching your child share her faith with an adult.
when L’s OT was here this week, K sweetly offered her some tea and cakes from her tea set. when the OT started sipping the tea K screamed out “you forgot to pray!”
yep, that’s one way to witness.

we have one happy girl who can now bend (or not bend) her right arm.
it’s the little things in life.

hope your weekend buries you in all things wonderful.

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