real life is messy.destruction + my instagram feed

it’s simply amazing
how clean my house stays
when the children are at school.

and how when they’re home,
it turns messy, really, really quickly.


L was kind enough
to set up a game of 52 card pickup for me.
he’s thoughtful like that.


real life is messy
is a weekly project to reveal
that i don’t have it all together.


i will post a
blog post every week
and encourage you to
reveal your messy real life to others
by using this hashtag on instagram:

and… i have decided to open up
my instagram feed to the public.
feel free to follow all of our daily shenanigans
on instagram @capturingmotherhood.


Again, the kingdom of heaven is like a trader
who was looking for fine pearls.
He found one that was very valuable.
So he went away and sold everything he had.
And he bought that pearl.
Matthew 13:45-46


2896. the most beautiful of beach days
2897. teeny tiny seashells everywhere
2898. a great backseat driver
2899. B having time with just L
2900. finding some delicious old photos

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