picture me {im}perfectly.this article

this article has changed my life.


it is a must read for any mom.
for all moms.


my favorite part was when it said this:

But a Christian should have a different paradigm.

We should run to to the cross. To death.

So lay down your hopes.

Lay down your future.

Lay down your petty annoyances.

Lay down your desire to be recognized.

Lay down your fussiness at your children.

Lay down your perfectly clean house.

Lay down your grievances about the life you are living.

Lay down the imaginary life you could have had by yourself.

Let it go.


this is so what i need to hear.
and now i’ve heard it.
and i am blessed.
may you be blessed, too.


it is so easy for me to get wrapped up

in the things i would like to have
put together or
rather than looking into
each of my children’s eyes
and really hearing them.
really understanding
what they need from me
in that exact moment.

and then happily giving whatever that is to them.



head over to Julia’s blog

to read about how she is waiting.

waiting with God.


picture me {im}perfectly

is a weekly project to reveal that we don’t have it all together.


i will post a

picture me {im}perfectly

blog post every wednesday

where you will be able to link up to your blog

revealing that:


you are not picture perfect,

your kids are not picture perfect,

your house is not picture perfect,

your crafts are not always picture perfect,




inspire and


other women

that none of us have it all together.


add my button to your blog post

and link up to your direct posting.
and feel encouraged.


He will keep you strong to the end
1 Corinthians 1:8a


1761. 3 hours. mostly to myself.

1762. reconnecting with an old friend

1763. popcorn made by B. eaten by me.

1764. watching The Help. again.

1765. well written, heart cutting articles

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