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i just adore taking photos of special needs kids
and i really really love taking photos of
special needs kids still in the womb.




“Surely, as I have planned, so it will be,
and as I have purposed, so it will happen.”
Isaiah 14:24

3451. fresh pink nails on a little girl
3452. joy from balloons
3453. lemonade in the afternoon
3454. fresh starts this week
3455. his legs in the air


we had a lovely time at VBS last week.
and it was made all the lovelier
by one little girl in L’s class.



she just looked at him differently
than all of the other kids did.
she saved a seat next to her for him during
crafts and snack
and was sure she stood next to him when we played games.



it touched my heart in unexplainable ways.
she asked lots of questions
as many kids do,
but her questions were different.



by the third day, i couldn’t wait to talk to her mom.
because i was curious to know
why this girl reacted so differently to L.
and sure enough,
i found out that her cousin has spina bifida.
so this little girl is used to being
around kids that are different.
and this made such a huge impact on me.
and i don’t think that i will ever forget this week
because of this little girl.



You are my refuge and my shield;
I have put my hope in your word.
Psalm 119:114


3426. this little girl
3427. one more day.
3428. papa camp
3429. a load of laundry a day
3430. the yummiest blt


these are some of my favorite pictures
of some of my favorite people
who just added a fourth baby to their mix!

Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name,
he gave the right to become children of God—
children born not of natural descent,
nor of human decision or a husband’s will,
but born of God.
John 1:12-13

3421. D’s desire to baptize himself in the tub
3422. K’s response to VBS
3423. the chinese chicken salad from tj’s
3424. my unbelievable neighbor who delivered not one but two to me
3425. spending the week at VBS with L


i am very full from celebrating our sweet L,
as he turned five.
there’s something really special
about the age of five.

at five, others are embracing who L is
instead of what he can do.
they aren’t attempting to make L into
other typical five year olds.
they love him, just the way that he is.
there’s just this contentment that comes
with him being this age.

we did a lot of rejoicing and
i am treasuring things in my heart.
many, many things.



in all our troubles my joy knows no bounds.
2 Corinthians 7:4b


3366. hearing “L is my best friend.”
3367. rest on the to do list
3368. sitting beneath twinkly lights
3369. a full backyard
3370. laughter with the sprinklers


i cannot even begin to share with you
how this fills my heart with joy.

there is something about children doing art
at preschool that just gets to me.

this is my absolute favorite.
and the handprints.
oh, the handprints.

and so when  L brings home things like this.
from preschool.
oh my goodness.
we are so blessed to have him in the school he is currently in.
so very blessed.

For in him all things were created:
things in heaven and on earth,
visible and invisible,
whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities;
all things have been created through him and for him.

Colossians 1:16

3306. his generosity
3307. a lovely meeting with a friend
3308. freely saying no
3309. finishing a new set of photos
3310. staying up late


i am beyond humbled
to have a photograph of mine
included amongst such incredible art
for such an incredible purpose.


the hope heals gospel project
is an art contest put on by
Katherine + Jay Wolf.



and here’s my artist’s statement:


when our third child was born without part of his brain,
doctors told us that he would never see or hear or smile or laugh.
they promised us all sorts of things.
but we have gotten to experience that God’s promises for us
are so much greater than the world’s.
He has promised never to leave us
and He reassures us that His grace is
always, always enough.


this photo captures
our nearly five year old
learning how to walk
and the joy of
God giving us more than we deserve.


I will give you hidden treasures,
riches stored in secret places,
so that you may know that I am the LORD,
the God of Israel,
who summons you by name.
Isaiah 45:3


3291. blowing bubbles
3292. the littlest pool
3293. running with squirt guns
3294. lots and lots of laughter
3295. the crescent moon