before showering her with baby goodness, 
my sister met us at the beach 
so that we could take some belly photos.

the evening could not have been warmer. 

the shadows could not have been lovelier.

the baby on my back could not have been adaptable.

her eyes could not have looked more like her father’s.

the biggest boy could not have been more joyful.

my baby could not have been happier to meet her baby (to be).

her bump could not have been more beautiful.

her glow could not have been more apparent.

the anticipation could not have been more present.

the journey could not be more underway.

Mrs. H could not have been more helpful
(even carrying around my baby after meeting only fifteen seconds earlier).

i could not have been more excited for her 
(well, except for when this baby arrives!).

K could not have wanted her own baby bump more. 

the bigs could not have brought home more sand.

the sunset could not have been sweeter.

the silhouette could not tell the story more perfectly.

726. fresh blueberries
727. a girls night out
728. loud, loud music in the car
729. a husband who is more than happy to watch the kiddos
730. a brightly colored scarf from Israel

4 Responses to that belly.

  1. lhassler says:

    really, really, really beautiful. Those last two still my heart. Gorgeous! Man how I miss that beach.

  2. Momttorney says:

    I LOVE this post. My favorite is K holding her belly wishing for a baby bump! The sweetest!

  3. TDM Wendy says:

    LOVE the sunset pics!

  4. misc.alaina says:

    All are beautiful, but the last two are just stunning!! I adore this post!